Welcome to our gastronomic tale in which generation to generation transmits passion for gastronomy.


We invite you to take in the experience of a local atmosphere within our restaurant offering a wide range of food and wine, served by friendly service providing you a unique Mediterranean pleasure. Each bite, each sip of wine you take is carefully selected and offered in a way that our guests gets the best service.

Intro in restaurant

Our cuisine is a compound of contemporary gastronomy and traditional Dalmatian cuisine paired with high quality wines from our winery.


Restaurant Huljić is located in the heart of town Jelsa, and is situated in authentically Dalmatian architecture, through the narrow streets among stone houses. Our cuisine and winery are sharing the same passion. Combining high quality ingredients, with the help of modern technology and lot of love, we offer tradition in a contemporary spirit, the magic in your plate and glass. Tradition is creating quality and consistency a new values. In the cozy atmosphere of four terraces, we are offering traditional and international cuisine, with a large number of copyright dishes. All the traditional dishes are prepared according to old recipes, based on the long Dalmatian gastronomic history, with homemade pasta and smells of smoked and dried fish, the old fireplace and dishes from the wood oven, we offer you the original experience of the ancient Dalmatia. Many indigenous foods, spices and vegetables are organically grown in our garden, as well as homemade produced olive oil.

Wine tasting

Near the coast, just a short walk from the historic center of town Jelsa, through the narrow stone streets, accompanied by the smell of sea and pine trees, you will find a winery Huljić located right next to restaurant. In the winery are created and stored all our wines. As part of tasting, we offer a tour of the wine cellar, which is the heart and soul of this gastronomic haven.  The arrival in the winery cellar Huljić, one of the oldest wine producer families on the island Hvar, you will make a step troops in a world in which interweaves modern technology and centuries-old tradition of producing wine from our own vineyards. By visiting our winery you will get the experience which will remain in your memory and come back comfortably in every glass of our wine. By appointment for our visitors we offer a daily menu, fish and meat.

“Quality is based on the tradition. By maintaining it, we create new values”.