The wine is a blend of two varieties- Parč and Bogdanjuša. Its primary characteristic is that the wine comes from one vineyard located in St Luke’s bay. The area has been known for growing grapes and wine-making since the Roman times. Although it does not exist anymore, the Romans had their own port for loading wine in that same bay. Red soil (terra rossa) with lots of rocks in it results in lesser crops. At the same time, it produces a wide structure, good minerality, flowery aroma and a balanced medium body. On the nose strong citrus and herbal notes dominate- lemon, green pepper, apple, grapefruit as well as aromatic plants of Dalmatia- helichrysum and chamomile. The palate is lemon, chamomile, helichrysum and apple. The wine consists of 70% Bogdanjuša and 30% Parča.

Matching food includes cod, fish soups, stews and similar dishes.



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